Across a broad spectrum of markets, Newport's Corion Filters and Replicated Mirrors provide solutions and capabilities to innovative and demanding businesses. The markets and applications identified below are just a few of the many areas where Corion products play a critical role in the success of our customer's products. For more information on these or other market segments, call our Sales Engineers at (508) 528-4411 for assistance or email us at or

Aerospace and Defense

Critical performance requirements and challenging environmental conditions call for solutions that lives depend on. Our products meet the needs of air transportation industries and governmental agencies.

Industrial Manufacturing

In the most diverse market space, we offer a broad scope of solutions for applications such as aircraft assembly alignment, non-destructive testing, chemical analysis, agricultural harvesting, paint-color formulation control, water purification control, and many more.

Life and Health Sciences

Newport's Corion businesses ability to provide leading edge solutions has enabled some of the largest companies in the industry to pioneer new innovations in biomedical and analytical instrumentation applications.


We address the needs of the Research community through both custom and catalog product offerings. Our ability to leverage all major thin film and replication manufacturing technologies provides the best match between requirements and solutions.