Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

Newport's Corion business provides a wide variety of filters, coated optics, and replicated mirrors for Aerospace & Defense applications. Our product list includes coated optics for thermal imaging systems, filters for laser rangefinder / target designator systems, replicated mirrors for armored vehicle vision systems, coated optics for naval aviation operations, filters for battlefield biohazard detection, coated optics for laser safety, and more.

Partnering with our optics fabrication operations in Irvine, CA, we manufacture coated optics for infrared applications in the SWIR & MWIR bands. Working with Germanium, Silicon, Zinc Sulfide, and other infrared transmitting materials, we fabricate high-precision plano, spherical, and aspherical optics and apply a wide range of optical coatings including Anti-Reflection, Narrow and Wide Bandpass, Edge, and Notch coatings.

In the UV and Visible spectral bands, we manufacture many different types of filters and coatings using our patented Stabilife® coating technology. For laser-based applications, we supply narrow bandpass filters at commonly used NIR wavelengths for rangefinders and target designators and laser safety coatings for magnified and unity day-view vision systems. Our High Performance Fluorescence filters are a key enabling technology for remote detection of pathogens. Enhancing the safety of naval aviators operating under night-vision conditions, our Night-Vision Compatible coatings provide visibility of the landing area while eliminating radiation that could cause detector-saturation. These coatings are a testament to the durability of Stabilife® products, withstanding prolonged exposure to severe marine environments.

Our Replicated Mirrors are key components in armored vehicle vision systems, providing the high durability required in battlefield conditions, coupled with the cost/performance value that the replication process routinely delivers. Taking advantage of light-weighting opportunities afforded by our replication process, our replicated mirrors are a key contributor to manufacturing optical systems with reduced mass, supporting the overall goal of improved fuel efficiency of military vehicles.

As a supplier to major defense contractors, we maintain the quality and logistics systems required to support the critical requirements of the defense procurement community.