Solutions for Life and Health Sciences

For more than 40 years, Newport's Corion businesses have supplied biotechnology engineers and scientists state-of-the-art optical filters and replicated mirrors to assist them in their efforts to design instrumentation in the field of Life & Health Science. Working in partnership with our customers, we design optical components that will provide the highest level of performance in the instrument while simultaneously meeting the cost objectives that support the economic success of the instrument. Our ability to provide leading-edge optical components has enabled many of the largest and most innovative companies in the industry to pioneer new bioinstrumentation focused upon applications such as neuroscience, molecular biology, drug discovery, cancer research, therapeutic drug monitoring and administration, infectious disease screening, and many more.

Our products are key enablers in a wide variety of biomedical instruments and devices including Clinical Chemistry Analyzers, Patient Monitors, Endoscopes, RT-PCR Systems, Cytometers, DNA Analyzers, In-vivo Imagers, Photo-Therapy Monitors, Microarray Readers, Microplate Readers, Confocal and Epi-fluorescence microscopes, and more.

Serving the clinical markets, our filters play a key role in blood chemistry testing that is the backbone of both our preventive and acute care medical delivery systems. Additional clinical applications include newborn jaundice monitoring and therapy, point-of-care monitoring for Glucose and Hemoglobin, endoscopic examinations for early detection of cancer, and many more. Serving the research markets, our products have played a key role in the basic research in Genomics, Proteomics, and Cellular Physiology that have contributed to current advances in Molecular Diagnostics and will contribute to future developments toward personalized medicine.

Our goal is to continue to provide product and design solutions for the advancement of medical breakthroughs, and the improvement of the quality of life.