Solutions for Research

Newport's Corion optical filters and replicated mirrors can be found in countless research laboratories around the world enabling basic and applied research in the wide range of science that can be influenced by light. We offer a wide range of catalog filters including bandpass filters with bandwidths as narrow as 1nm and as wide as 70nm, long and short wave pass filters, neutral density filters, colored-glass filters, dichroic filters, and fluorescence filters. Most of these filters are offered in 1” diameter or 2” square sizes.

From our Replicated Mirrors product line, we provide Hollow Metal Retro-reflectors in a wide variety of sizes and return-beam accuracy values as well as offerings of Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors and Reflective Microscope Objectives. All of these products are maintained in inventory for rapid delivery.

In addition to our catalog products supporting the Research community, we work with engineers and scientists to develop custom products to satisfy specific non-standard filter and mirror requirements. These custom products are often the first step in the development of a new instrument that will eventually move into the market for commercial use.