Filters & Coatings

From high performance fluorescence filters for DNA analyzers to notch filters for laser safety eyewear, Newport's Corion Filters provide the full spectrum of solutions for managing light using optical filters and coatings.

Choosing from several different coating technologies that we have developed and perfected over many years, we manufacture optical filters of all types using the technology that is best suited for the intended application. We cover the spectrum from 200 nm in the ultraviolet to 8 um in the infrared. We make both single-substrate, all-dielectric, hard coated filters, and complex, multi-element laminated filters. Our ability to make laminated products enables us to create solutions for applications where extreme blocking and stray-light management make single-substrate filters less than optimal.

A few specialty applications include aircraft-carrier pilot eye safety, paper manufacturing moisture control and hematology.

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As an integral part of our Optical Filter manufacturing technology, we have developed a series of damage-resistant anti-reflection coatings for use in applications where surface reflection from all elements must be minimized. Our anti-reflection (AR) coatings meet or exceed the durability requirements of MIL-C-675 and MIL-C-48497 and are manufactured to withstand energy levels typically found in laser-based analytical instrumentation. Coatings for special applications where high-power lasers are required are also available.
Bandpass filters isolate a band of wavelengths from the total spectrum by providing a band of high transmission and bands of high rejection of spectral energy on both the long and short wavelength sides of the transmission band. Bandpass filters can be manufactured with a wide variety of performance attributes ranging from the simplest single-cavity, unblocked Fabry-Perot construction, to the more complex multi-cavity, fully-blocked, all-dielectric, single-substrate construction. We make them all - from UV to LWIR. Most of the bandpass filters that we make are custom products for OEM instrumentation, but we do offer a selection of catalog bandpass filters including laser line, fluorescence, and standard 10nm, 25nm, and 70nm bandwidths filters at commonly used wavelengths.
Beamsplitters can be manufactured in a variety of forms including pelicle, cube, polka-dot, polarizing, and thin-film coated. The terms “beamsplitter” and “dichroic” when referring to thin-film coated elements, are often used interchangeably or in combination as in dichroic beamsplitter. Beamsplitters separate a broad spectrum of light into two components: a reflected component and a transmitted component. They provide the ability to select different bands from a spectrum and direct those bands to where they can either be used or discarded. We make dichroic beamsplitters for a wide variety of applications including heat control, fluorescence detection, germicidal monitoring, and many more.

Please refer to our Dichroic product section for more information.
We offer spectrophotometer calibration filters for use as secondary transmittance and spectral standards in the calibration of ultraviolet and visible spectrum spectrophotometers. Our selection includes calibrated absorptive neutral density filters, calibrated metallic neutral density filters, and selected specialty glass filters. Both individual filters as well as sets of calibration filters are available as catalog items. All calibrations are derived from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified standards.
Colored-Glass filters are fabricated by blending light absorbing chemicals in to molten glass to define precise spectral signatures. Bandpass, edge, heat absorbing, and neutral density filters can be made using colored glass technology. Unlike thin-film filters which accomplish spectral selection using a combination of reflection, transmission, and absorption, colored-glass filters accomplish spectral selection by absorption. We offer a wide variety of custom and catalog colored glass filters using Hoya and Schott colored glass material.

In addition to our offering of Colored-Glass filters, we also offer Colored-Glass Alternative (CGA) Filters for use in applications where a thin-film filtering approach is desired. Long wave pass CGA filters are offered as alternatives to most Schott and Hoya long wave pass filters as well as at some cut-on wavelengths that have been discontinued by the colored-glass manufacturers.
Dichroic filters separate a broad spectrum of light into two components: a reflected component and a transmitted component. They provide the ability to select different bands from a spectrum and direct those bands to where they can either be used or discarded. Heat / UV control, color separation, and fluorescence microscopy are a few of the most common uses of dichroic filters.
Edge filters separate a broad spectrum of light into two components: a transmitted component and a rejected component. Unlike dichroic filters, edge filters may provide rejection through a combination of absorption and reflection and are not specifically designed to provide a useful reflection band. These filters are defined by either a cut-on or a cut-off slope establishing the transition between a region of high rejection and a region of high transmission. Cut-on and cut-off edges are typically defined by long wave or short wave pass filter coatings.
Fluorescence filters are technically not a "true" filter type like bandpass or dichroic, but rather, this category includes true filter types such as bandpass and dichroic that have been optimized for fluorescence detection. Newport fluorescence filters have been deployed in countless fluorescence based instruments for more than 20 years, enabling applications such as DNA analysis, Cytometry, and PCR, to name a few. The vast majority of the fluorescence filters that we make are custom. In addition to our custom capability, we offer a series of standard filters and filters sets that are available for immediate delivery.
Neutral Density
We manufacture both thin-film reflective-absorptive and colored-glass absorptive neutral density (ND) filters. We maintain a catalog offering of both types and we manufacture numerous custom ND filters for OEM applications.
Notch filters are sometimes referred to as "negative or inverse bandpass" filters, in that instead of isolating a narrow band of wavelengths to be transmitted, notch filters isolate a narrow band of wavelengths to be reflected. Laser safety filters are a common type of notch filters. Deployed in vision systems or personal protective eyewear, these filters reflect selected laser wavelengths that may be present in the user’s environment, protecting the user from laser-induced eye injury.