Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters isolate a band of wavelengths from the total spectrum by providing a band of high transmission and bands of high rejection of spectral energy on both the long and short wavelength sides of the transmission band. These filters are defined by cut-on and cut-off slopes establishing the transition between high rejection and high transmission. Cut-on and cut-off edges defining the bandpass region can either be defined by Fabry-Perot construction, as is common for narrow bandpass filters, or by the combination of long wave and short wave pass filter coatings. Bandpass filters can be manufactured with a wide variety of performance attributes ranging from the simplest single-cavity, unblocked Fabry-Perot construction, to the more complex multi-cavity, fully-blocked, all-dielectric, single-substrate construction.

We make them all - from the simplest to the most complex, over the range of 200 nm to 8 µm with bandwidths as narrow as 0.1nm in the UV/VIS to as wide as 2µm in the mid-wave IR.

Bandpass filters are widely deployed in many diverse applications including paint-color formulation, blood chemistry analysis, and traffic control.

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While the vast majority of the bandpass filters that we manufacture are custom designed for OEM instrumentation, we also manufacture a selection of catalog products that are available for immediate delivery from inventory including fluorescence excitation and emission filters, laser line filters, mercury line filters and basic-research bandpass filters.

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