Argon-Gap™ UV Filters
  • Out-of-band blocking to less than 0.01% (10-4)
  • Center wavelengths available from 214 nm to 313 nm
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • 25.4 mm diameter size available from stock
  • Superior lifetime in harsh environmental conditions

Product Description

Corion Ultraviolet Bandpass Filters are manufactured using methods and materials designed to deliver the highest spectral performance while providing a robust construction capable of withstanding variable climatic conditions and ultraviolet radiation. Our UV filters in the 214 nm to 300 nm range are fabricated using our Argon-Gap™ Technology. These filters demonstrate superior spectral stability and field lifetime in demanding applications such as water purification and environmental monitoring. Argon-Gap™ technology employs a proprietary sealing process that eliminates sources of solarization by-products, such as epoxy sealants. Solarization by-products, which are created by the chemical breakdown of organic materials resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light, are a principal cause of premature failure of short-UV filters. Argon-Gap™ 254nm bandpass filters have exceeded exposures of 1000 hours of intense UV radiation with no physical or spectral degradation.

Argon-Gap™ UV filters are available from inventory in 25.4 mm diameter size with an approximate 10 nm bandwidth at a number of commonly used wavelengths including 214, 254, and 280 nm. They are also available on a custom basis for OEM applications in sizes, bandwidths, and at wavelengths as required by the application. Many of the specifications provided for the catalog products are typical of what is commonly required for many OEM applications. However, these specifications can be modified to meet specific needs.

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Ordering Information

Center Wavelength (nm)FWHM (nm)Minimum Peak Transmission (%)Effective Index of Refraction neData CurveModel (25.4 mm diameter)
21411 ± 3121.39110BPF10-214
25011 ± 3121.39210BPF10-250
253.711 ± 3121.39210MLF10-254
26011 ± 3121.39210BPF10-260
27012 ± 2121.39210BPF10-270
28012 ± 2121.39210BPF10-280
28912 ± 2121.39210BPF10-289
30012 ± 2121.39210BPF10-300
31311 ± 3121.9210MLF10-313


Minimum Active Area20.2 mm diameter
Surface Quality80-50 scratch-dig; F/F per MIL-F-48616
Size Tolerance+0/-0.5 mm
Thickness≤7.6 mm
Out-of-Band BlockingX-ray–Far IR, T ≤ 0.01% or 10-4 (a crossover leak may be present on some models - see data curves)
Wavelength Shift with Temperature0.01 to 0.02 nm/° C
Specification Temperature23 °C
Temperature Range-50°C to +100°C (70°C for Mercury Line Filters)
Humidity ResistancePer MIL-STD-810E, method 507.3, procedure III, modified to 5 cycles
CleaningNon-abrasive method, acetone or isopropyl alcohol on lens tissue recommended
Laser Damage ThresholdNot for high power lasers
Data Curve InformationBand shape specifications and marker wavelengths are provided as approximate reference data only

Argon-Gap filter construction

Data Curve 1

Data Curve 2