Colored-Glass Filters

Colored-Glass filters are fabricated by blending light absorbing chemicals in to molten glass to define precise spectral signatures. Bandpass, edge, heat absorbing, and neutral density filters can be made using colored glass technology. Unlike thin-film filters which accomplish spectral selection using a combination of reflection, transmission, and absorption, colored-glass filters accomplish spectral selection by absorption.

In addition to our offering of Colored-Glass filters, we also offer Colored-Glass Alternative (CGA) Filters for use in applications where a thin-film filtering approach is desired. Long wave pass CGA filters are offered as alternatives to most Schott and Hoya long wave pass filters as well as at some cut-on wavelengths that have been discontinued by the colored-glass manufacturers.

In addition to basic lab use for research applications, colored glass filters are deployed in many different OEM applications such as barcode readers, currency management systems, and automotive alignment systems.

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We offer a wide variety of custom and catalog colored glass filters using Hoya and Schott colored glass material.

Colored-Glass Alternative