CoolView™ Heat Reflectors
  • Virtually "water-clear" visual response
  • Exceptionally wide transmittance & reflectance bands
  • Spectrally stable, hard, high durability coatings
  • Custom sizes to 380 mm dia.
  • Catalog sizes of 2" dia., 2" sq., & 1"dia.

Product Description

Our new CoolView heat reflectors were developed to meet the needs of OEM clinical chemistry analyzer manufacturers whose instruments operate over a spectral range from 332 nm in the ultraviolet to 800 nm in the near-infrared. These instruments require very high transmission over this range with high linearity and high reflectance from 900 nm to 1500 nm. Traditional heat reflectors typically deliver on the reflectance requirement but fall short on the transmittance band requirement with high transmittance extending down only to approximately 400 nm. Using spectrally stable, high durability coatings from our patented Stabilife® sputtered coating technology, CoolView products meet all of the requirements.

Although these high performance heat reflectors were originally developed for clinical chemistry analyzers, they provide a great alternative to traditional heat reflectors for all types of applications where removal of heat from an optical system while preserving accurate color rendition in the visible spectral band is needed.

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Ordering Information

10CLVR-1CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 1.000" dia., 1.1 mm thickness
10CLVR-3CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 1.000" dia., 2.75 mm thickness
20CLVR-1CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 2.000" dia., 1.1 mm thickness
20CLVR-3CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 2.000" dia., 2.75 mm thickness
20CLVS-1CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 2.000" sq., 1.1 mm thickness
20CLVS-3CoolView™ Heat Reflector, 2.000" sq., 2.75 mm thickness


MaterialBorofloat® borosilicate float glass
Standard Sizes1.000" dia. ± 0.005"; 2.000" sq. ± 0.010"; 2.000" dia. ± 0.010"
Active area≥90% of filter size with film to the edge
Standard Thicknesses1.1 mm ± 0.1 mm and 2.75 mm ± 0.25 mm
Surface QualityF/F (80-50) per MIL-F-48616
Coating Abrasion Resistance, Adhesion, & HardnessMIL-C-48497
Coating Humidity ResistanceMIL-STD-810, Method 507.3, Procedure III, Modified to 40 cycles
Coating Operating Temperature Range'-100 °C to 400 °C
CleaningNon-abrasive method, acetone or isopropyl alcohol on lens tissue recommended
RoHS StatusFully compliant (without 4-year exemption granted to non-compliant colored-glass filters)
Operating Angle of IncidenceNormal
Transmittance≥85% average from 332 to 807 nm
Reflectance≥95% average from 840 to 1500 nm
Custom sizes≤380 mm dia.