Fluorescence Filters

Fluorescence filters is technically not a true filter type like bandpass filters or dichroic filters, but rather, this category includes true filter types such as bandpass and dichroic that have been optimized for fluorescence detection. Many attributes must be considered when designing fluorescence filters such as selection of material to minimize autofluorescence, whether or not the filter will be used for imaging, and placement of excitation and emission bands to deliver sufficient excitation energy to the sample and collect the maximum amount of fluorescence emission while minimizing crosstalk between the two channels. Emission signals are often very low in amplitude so maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio is often the most important parameter to consider for optimum performance in an instrument.

Fluorescence filters play a critical role in life-science research both in research microscopy applications as well as in OEM instrumentation for DNA analysis, cytometry, and many others.

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While the vast majority of the fluorescence filters that we manufacture are custom designed for OEM instrumentation, we also manufacture a selection of catalog products that are available for immediate delivery from inventory including individual bandpass filters for fluorescence excitation and emission, dichroic filters, and fluorescence filter sets for selected fluorophores.

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