HPF™ Bandpass Filters
  • Patented Stabilife® Hard Coatings
  • Lowest autofluorescence
  • Extremely sharp transitions from rejection to transmission regions
  • Maximum transmission
  • Optimized optical fabrication for brilliant imaging
  • Superior field life

Product Description

Corion High Performance Fluorescence (HPF™) bandpass filters for fluorescence microscopy have been manufactured to provide maximum performance using several key design features including exceptionally high passband transmission, maximized out-of-band blocking including extended range blocking on excitation filters, extremely steep slopes from rejection to transmission regions, high-precision optical glass substrates, and spectral specifications providing maximum image brightness and minimum background.

Our HPF™ filter offering is a compilation of products based on designs that were developed to be used in fluorescence-based instrumentation including DNA sequencers, cytometers, microplate readers, in-vivo imagers, and thermocyclers, offered by market-leading biotech instrument manufacturers. We are now making these OEM-proven designs available to the individual researchers through our catalog offering of High Performance Filters for fluorescence microscopy. HPF™ filters are manufactured using our patented Stabilife® coating technology which provides excellent spectral performance, spectral stability, and physical durability.

The individual filters were originally designed as elements of a set, typically containing an excitation filter, a dichroic filter, and an emission filter. As such, particular emphasis was placed on reducing crosstalk between the excitation and emission channels corresponding to the absorbance and emission bands of the particular fluorophore/s for which the set was designed. Measured blocking exceeds OD6 across the full blocking range with theoretical blocking in the near-bands designed to achieve well in excess of OD6. Products designated as HPX have been optimized to be used as excitation filters and products designated as HPM have been optimized to be used as emission filters. As such, the optimized crosstalk blocking spectral band on HPX filters occurs on the long-wavelength side of the bandpass and conversely, on the short-wavelength side of the bandpass on HPM filters.

Custom Products and Services

Custom sizes of standard HPF™ filters and filter sets as well as mounting services are available upon request. In addition to our offering of standard fluorescence filters, we manufacture custom fluorescence filters as OEM components for many market-leading producers of biotechnology instruments for both clinical and research applications. Please consult a sales engineer for details.

Trademark Information

Alexa Fluor®, BODIPY®, Calcium Crimson™, LysoSensor™, MitoTracker®, Oregon Green®, Pacific Blue™, Rhodamine Green™, and Texas Red® are trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc.

Cy is a trademark of GE Healthcare, Ltd.

Stabilife® and HPF™ are trademarks of Newport Corporation

To discuss your specific requirements, please call 508-528-4411 to speak directly to one of our Technical Sales Engineers, or email us at filters.sales@newport.com.

Ordering Information

ModelNominal Center Wavelength (nm)Nominal Bandwidth (nm)Transmission (%)Filter SizeFilter Thickness (mm)Enhanced Excitation Blocking RangeEnhanced Emission Blocking Range
HPM460-6046060≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm300-405nmN/A
HPM470-3047030≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm375-425nmN/A
HPM480-4048040≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm400-454nmN/A
HPM510-5051050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm405-475nmN/A
HPM530-LP530*N/A≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mmN/AN/A
HPM535-3053530≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm405-514nmN/A
HPM535-5053550≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm454-500nmN/A
HPM540-4054040≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm390-460nmN/A
HPM545-3054530≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm450-510nmN/A
HPM550-4055040≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm460-525nmN/A
HPM560-5056050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm460-525nmN/A
HPM575-5057550≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm460-535nmN/A
HPM585-4058540≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm490-558nmN/A
HPM590-5559055≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm485-550nmN/A
HPM610-5061050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm500-465nmN/A
HPM620-6062060≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm490-580nmN/A
HPM620-7562075≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm490-560nmN/A
HPM640-6064060≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm520-596nmN/A
HPM640-7064070≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm490-565nmN/A
HPM645-5064550≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm535-598nmN/A
HPM645-6064560≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm490-598nmN/A
HPM645-7564575≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm520-596nmN/A
HPM670-5067050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm570-634nmN/A
HPM685-5068550≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm560-655nmN/A
HPM690-5069050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm580-657nmN/A
HPM695-5069550≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm595-660nmN/A
HPM700-6070060≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm595-660nmN/A
HPM710-5071050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm600-677nmN/A
HPM720-6072060≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm580-680nmN/A
HPM725-4072540≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm625-695nmN/A
HPM740-5074050≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm625-695nmN/A
HPM800-7080070≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm670-747nmN/A
HPM810-8081080≥90%25.0 mm dia.3.5 mm670-747nmN/A
HPX350-6035060≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A410-515nm
HPX360-6036060≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A410-515nm
HPX380-4038040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A420-505nm
HPX400-3040030≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A449-500nm
HPX425-4042540≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A510-580nm
HPX440-2044020≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A465-520nm
HPX450-5045050≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A488-560nm
HPX470-4047040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A504-580nm
HPX475-4447544≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A512-565nm
HPX480-4048040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A512-565nm
HPX485-3048530≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A520-570nm
HPX500-2050020≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A515-650nm
HPX500-4050040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A534-620nm
HPX510-4051040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A540-620nm
HPX520-4052040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A550-640nm
HPX530-4053040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A560-700nm
HPX535-4053540≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A575-660nm
HPX535-5053550≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A580-670nm
HPX545-3054530≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A580-670nm
HPX560-4056040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A595-715nm
HPX560-5056050≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A595-715nm
HPX565-3056530≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A580-670nm
HPX570-2057020≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A585-670nm
HPX570-4057040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A605-700nm
HPX605-4060540≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A635-715nm
HPX610-6061060≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A660-730nm
HPX620-5062050≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A659-730nm
HPX630-4063040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A660-730nm
HPX630-6063060≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A681-780nm
HPX645-4064540≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A660-730nm
HPX660-4066040≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A698-760nm
HPX710-5071050≥90%25.0 mm dia.4.3 mmN/A750-880nm


Passband Transmittance≥90%
Spectral Blocking≥OD6
Surface QualityE/E (60/40) per MIL-F-48616 (typical)
Coating HardnessMIL-C-48497
Coating Abrasion ResistanceMIL-C-48497
Coating AdhesionMIL-C-48497
Coating Humidity ResistanceMIL-STD-810, Method 507.3, Procedure III, Modified to 40 cycles
Coating Operating Temperature Range-100 °C to 300 °C
Filter Size25.0 mm dia.
Filter Thickness≤5.0 mm

Fluorophore Reference - HPF Bandpass Filters

Alexa Fluor 350HPX360-60HPM460-60
Alexa Fluor 430HPX425-40HPM540-40
Alexa Fluor 488HPX475-44HPM535-50
Alexa Fluor 532HPX500-40HPM560-50
Alexa Fluor 546HPX525-45HPM600-60
Alexa Fluor 555HPX525-45HPM600-60
Alexa Fluor 568HPX560-40HPM640-60
Alexa Fluor 594HPX560-40HPM640-60
Alexa Fluor 633HPX610-60HPM685-50
Alexa Fluor 647HPX620-50HPM700-60
Alexa Fluor 660HPX630-60HPM720-60
Alexa Fluor 680HPX660-40HPM725-40
Alexa Fluor 700HPX660-40HPM740-50
Alexa Fluor 750HPX710-50HPM810-80
BODIPY 630/650HPX605-40HPM670-50
BODIPY 650/665HPX630-40HPM695-50
BODIPY R6GHPX510-40HPM575-50
Calcium Crimson™HPX570-40HPM645-60
Ethidium BromideHPX525-45HPM640-70
Fluo 3HPX480-40HPM535-50
Fluo 4HPX480-40HPM535-50
Hoechst 33342 & 33258HPX350-60HPM460-60
LysoSensor™ Blue (pH 5)HPX380-40HPM460-60
MitoTracker OrangeHPX525-45HPM620-75
MitoTracker RedHPX560-50HPM640-60
Nile RedHPX525-45HPM645-60
Oregon Green™HPX485-30HPM545-30
Pacific Blue™HPX400-30HPM470-30
PE (B,R)HPX525-45HPM585-40
Propidium IodideHPX525-45HPM645-75
Rhodamine Green™HPX500-20HPM535-30
Texas RedHPX560-50HPM645-75