Laser Safety Coatings
  • Rejection at laser line => OD 5
  • Notch widths 40 - 70 nm typical
  • Average %T in visible spectrum =>50%
  • High durability in harsh environments
  • Custom sizes & shapes up to 380 mm

Product Description

For more than 30 years, Corion laser safety filters have been providing vision protection for both soldiers and civilians as they perform their work. Using our patented Stabilife® coating technology, we produce spectrally stable, high durability custom notch filters to provide the required protection. Often referred to as "negative bandpass filters", Notch Filters provide a relatively narrow band of high reflection within a relatively wide band of high transmission. Whether deployed in a laser lab to protect laser technicians and scientists or on a battlefield to protect soldiers from laser rangefinder beams, notch filters effectively reflect the unwanted and often dangerous laser energy away from the user's eyes while allowing them to maintain good visibility of their surroundings.

Notch filters can be manufactured using many different thin-film designs. The specific design that will be utilized will largely depend upon the desired bandwidth (or notch width) required for the application. In most cases, the design will also be directed toward achieving the most realistic color rendition of the environment. We have developed and manufactured products providing protection against radiation from several lasers listed in the table that follows. Typical performance graphs of these coatings are provided for reference. All of our laser safety products are custom designed and manufactured. Please consult one of our technical sales engineers for more information.

To discuss your specific requirements, please call 508-528-4411 to speak directly to one of our Technical Sales Engineers, or email us at


Laser Rejection Band
Argon 450 - 530 nm
Red (HeNe, Krypton, Ruby) 620 - 720 nm
Nd YAG 1064 nm
Nd YAG - Frequency doubled 532 nm
Nd YAG Combined 532 & 1064 nm