Off-Axis Replicated Parabolic Mirrors
  • Low scatter for UV applications
  • Integral mount
  • Achromatic focusing and collimation
  • Light-weight
  • UV-IR and NIR-IR coating options

Product Description

Corion standard off-axis parabolic mirrors are circular segments from one side of a full paraboloid. The focal point is displaced from the mechanical axis, giving full access to the reflector focus area. There will be no shadowing when placing either a detector or source at the focus. The mirrors are achromatic and are offered in a wide range of working distances. Two coating options are available: protected Aluminum for UV and visible applications, and bare Gold for infrared applications. The models listed are catalog versions of common OEM mirror designs.

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Ordering Information

ModelEffective Focal Length (in.)Focal Length (in.)Height [in. (mm)]Coating
50328AL0.80.4001.600 (40.64)Protected Aluminum
50328AU0.80.4001.600 (40.64)Bare Gold
50329AL2.01.0001.691 (42.95)Protected Aluminum
50329AU2.01.0001.691 (42.95)Bare Gold
50338AL4.02.0001.620 (41.15)Protected Aluminum
50338AU4.02.0001.620 (41.15)Bare Gold
50331AL6.03.0001.597 (40.56)Protected Aluminum
50331AU6.03.0001.597 (40.56)Bare Gold
50332AL8.04.0001.585 (40.26)Protected Aluminum
50332AU8.04.0001.585 (40.26)Bare Gold


Active Area≥90% of diameter
Focus Base Distance0.800 in.
Surface QualityE/E (60/40) per MIL-F-48616
Surface Roughness25 Å (typical)
Wavefront Distortion≤2λ @ 633 nm (typical)
Coating AdhesionMIL-F-48616
Coating Hardness(Protected Aluminum) MIL-F-48616 modified to 0.5lb
Humidity ResistanceMIL-F-48616
Operating Temperature Range-80°F to 160°F
Reflectance≥85% average

Typical reflectance curves of metallic reflective coatings