Filters Resources

Understanding the technologies and processes available to manufacture optical filters is key to the realization of an effective solution for an optical product design. While many companies are limited in their capabilities and resources, we strive to assemble the broadest base of technologies for the manufacture of optical filters. This breadth of capabilities and expertise allows solutions which are cost effective while maintaining stringent performance targets. For further information about our ability to configure a solution to meet your needs, please call our sales engineers at 508-528-4411 or contact us via email at

Corion Filters Resources

Stabilife® Coating

Stabilife® optical filters and coatings are manufactured using our patented Hybrid Plasma Deposition (HPD) process for the deposition of metal oxide thin film optical coatings. This process yields highly dense, thin film coatings with extraordinary hardness, abrasion resistance, and adhesion to the substrate.

Filter Construction

Combining our filters in assemblies provide interesting and effective solutions to problems. Our ability to provide laminated or mechanical assembled filters sets us apart from filter manufacturers that are only capable of producing single substrate solutions. This capability enables solutions for filter challenges that cannot be addressed by all-reflective constructions.

Filter Lifetime

Selection of construction method and manufacturing processes directly impacts filter lifetime. From thermal and environmental challenges to spectral stability in variable exposure applications, millions of filters deployed decades ago continue to perform in demanding environments.