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Understanding the technologies and processes available to manufacture replicated mirrors is key to the realization of an effective solution for an optical product design. While many companies are limited in their capabilities and resources, we strive to assemble the broadest base of technologies for the manufacture of replicated mirrors. This breadth of capabilities and expertise allows solutions which are cost effective while maintaining stringent performance targets. For further information about our ability to configure a solution to meet your needs, please call our sales engineers at 508-528-4411 or contact us via email at mirrors.sales@newport.com.

Replicated Mirrors Resources

Why Choose Replication?

Replication is an effective means of locating optical surfaces in otherwise inaccessible locations, producing lightweight or low inertia optics, and/or reducing optical system cost. Learn more about the benefits of replication in this technical resource.

Replication Process

Replication is the process of manufacturing optics by transferring the optical surface of a master (or mold) to one or more copies of the surface. The copies, which only approximate the final surface before replication, then take on the precise characteristics of the master surface.

Replication Substrates

Replication substrate materials can have a significant impact on the accuracy and stability of the replicated product. A general background in the influencing factors is critical when selecting the appropriate substrate requirements.

Limitations of Replication

Limitations of replicated optics must be taken into consideration when choosing the best solution. Our in depth understanding of these limiting factors ensure that our customers are satisfied when replication is used to meet their needs.